“Break a leg” (literally)

It had to happen sometime, and perhaps it has happened before, but surely never in such spectacular style: American mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato fractured her fibula during a performance of Il Barbiere di Siviglia at the Royal Opera House in London Saturday night, giving painful life to the phrase “break a leg.” Read all about it on her blog. You’ll notice the title of her latest post is “And the show went on” because Ms. DiDonato in fact continued to perform for three hours before going to the hospital! And the word today is that she will finish this run of Barbiere in London with leg in cast. Already a widely admired, international star noted for her passion and professionalism (and of course, uniquely beautiful voice), this act of artistic and physical courage will surely secure her spot in operatic history.

Readers of The MadOpera Blog may remember that DiDonato was in Madison last November to attend Madama Butterfly, conducted by her husband, Maestro Leonardo Vordoni. Her photographs of that production are on Flickr.

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