Word on the street is opera makes a great gift!

Local news outfits 77 Square, Madison Magazine, and The Well-Tempered Ear are all encouraging you to keep Madison Opera in mind this gift-giving season.

77 Square’s holiday gift guide includes a section “For the opera lover,” which recommends tickets to The Turn of the Screw paired with the Henry James novella, or tickets to The Flying Dutchman with the full score on the side (for the real aficionado). Jacob Stockinger of The Well-Tempered Ear seconds these recommendations, along with related DVDs.

Madison Magazine’s article “Seize the City!” offers 62 things every Madisonian should try in the new year. At number 15 is The Flying Dutchman. They write, “Not only is it a story filled with stormy seas, a deal made with the devil and the promise of redemption through true love—it’s also the Madison Opera’s first staging of an opera by Richard Wagner.”

If you already have tickets but are looking for a way to show your support this holiday season, we recommend making gifts to the Opera in honor of a friend or family member!

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