And the #operaplot thickens…

I have now summarized all of Madison Opera’s 2009-2010 Season operas on Twitter for #operaplot 2010. We’ll have to wait and see what judge Jonas Kaufmann (left) thinks. Here they are for those who don’t tweet:

Carmen: Life’s a breeze / where you’re a tease. Except with Don Jose / who says no way. Monogamy or not? That’s pretty much the #operaplot.”

The Turn of the Screw: “She sees the dead/ but is it in her head? The kids are now mad/ it’s odd, she seems glad. Reality or a dream?/ Neither, it seems.”

The Flying Dutchman: A captain is cursed to sail, a girl obsesses over his tale/ Gold is exchanged, a marriage arranged/ Problems arise, girl dies.”

I’m not quite sure why, but rhyming in quasi-limerick form comes easiest for me, it’s definitely not a requirement! I’ve also just started tackling the 2010-11 Season.

La Traviata: “The fallen one/ is tons o’ fun. She ♥’s Alfredo/ against her credo. Loss ensues, she hits da booze/ in the end she dies of consumption.” *Note the creative use of “♥” and “da” to cut down on the character count.

Again, I encourage all of you to join Twitter and enter your submission to this year’s #operaplot contest – the prizes are huge! Browse what’s already been tweeted for inspiration.

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