Opera is for the 100%

“So what is comes down to is this: when I attend an opera, I see people like me.  People who like a good story, are moved by passion and feeling, and are wowed by talent, beautiful music, and a feast for the eyes. Opera is very welcoming if you take in everything it offers. Yes, opera is for everyone.”

That is an excerpt from The Livingston Inn blog post on opera as an art for everyone. Be sure to check it out here, and pass it on to anyone in your life who has ever thought of themselves as the “wrong” audience for opera.

The Livingston Inn’s post truly speaks to why all of us at Madison Opera our administrative staff, production crew, Board members, volunteers, and the nice people who bring us cookiesare passionate about what we do and work to share it with our patrons and our patrons-to-be. Possibly the most gratifying words this blogger hears are: “This was my first opera ever and I loved it!”


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