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A Night at the Opera
Guest Bloggers and Tweeters joined us for the final dress rehearsal of Don Giovanni. They went backstage and watched the performance, and live Tweeted for three straight hours about the experience. You can find their thoughts here.

The Blog It! Tweet It! Night guests get ready to set off for an evening of opera.

Jeff Turk (@frescoopera):
“Don Giovanni – A High Performance Vehicle”
is an excellent recount for opera newbies who might still be a little nervous of diving in. He also offers some funny and simple insights on why he enjoyed it. Read more here. 

Kimberly Aime (@bdgergrl):
“Badger Girl Goes to the Opera”
is a must-read three-part series. Part 1 covers her preparations for attendance, Part 2 takes you backstage with her on the Don Giovanni tour, and Part 3 gets you a seat in the a
udience as she recaps the performance.

Geoffrey Cubbage (@geoffreycubbage):
“Misanthropology at Madison Opera” is perfect reading for those who enjoy a bit of snark with their opera. He enjoyed the performance, and his blow-by-blow recount of the evening will have you in stitches—no hoity-toity literature here!

Chris Lay (@mrchrislay):
You can still check out Tweets from the final dress, but here are hilarious, almost minute-by-minute annotated and aggregated Tweets from an opera newbie.

Mikko Utevsky: Guest blogging for The Well-Tempered Ear, found the final dress performance “irresistibly seductive”, “sexy, dark, gorgeous, musically compelling, and brilliantly sung”.

Mary Ellen Spoerke:
“Don Giovanni – Seduction, Deception, No Redemption” is a short and sweet overview of the opera, and some of the finer points of staging one (such as the importance of vodka backstage).

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