Ten Questions with Jamie-Rose Guarrine

Ten Questions with…

Jamie-Rose Guarrine, soprano

1. My favorite thing about being a singer is:
Traveling to new places all over the world and working with great colleagues and companies. 

2. The greatest challenge in being a singer is:
It’s funny, but the same thing:  traveling and being apart from my family is by far the most difficult part of the job, I would say.

3. A live music performance I’ve attended that I will never forget is:
Karita Mattila in recital with Martin Katz in Minneapolis – amazing and she did the splits!

4. A few of my favorite films are:
Lord of the Rings trilogy – I’m a Tolkien nut! 

5. Three things I can’t live without are: 
1. My iphone, since it’s the contact point for my husband, family, and cats.
2. Music – any form, any time.
3. A comfortable pair of shoes. 

6. My number one hobby is: 
Cooking and entertaining. 

7. If you could perform with any singer that is retired or deceased, who would it be?  
I would want to travel back in time and sing Susanna with Dietrich Fisher-Dieskau singing the Count! 

8. If you weren’t a singer, what profession would you be in? 
A position that involved travel and seeing the world! 

9. What role do you wish you could sing that you could never sing (because it’s the wrong voice type / gender)?
Tosca.  Stab that bad guy and jump off a castle?  That’s pretty awesome. 

10. Describe your favorite moment on stage.

Backstage at the Santa Fe Opera waiting to take the stage, with the sun setting over the mountains.

Come hear Jamie-Rose at Opera in the Park on Saturday, July 26 at 8pm.  FREE ADMISSION!

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