Ten Questions with Liam Moran

Ten Questions With…

Liam Moran, bass
Don Fernando in Fidelio 

1.  Where were you born / raised? 
Brookline, Massachusetts

2.  If you weren’t a singer, what profession would you be in?
I’d love to teach history.

3.  My favorite opera is…
Hard to say!  Often the one I’m currently working on.  If I had to pick, today I’d say… Eugene Onegin.

4.  My favorite pre/post-show meal is…
The answer to both is cooked vegetables with plenty of sriracha – add a Guiness post-show!

5.  People would be surprised to know that…
I can’t wink my left eye…  I can hardly wink my right eye either.

6.  What is your favorite song to belt out at the bar / in the car /for karaoke?
None!  Once I leave the theater, I leave the singing to others.

7.  What is your pop culture guilty pleasure?
These days, Homeland.  Miss you, Brody.

8.  A few of my favorite films are…
Annie Hall, Dr. Strangelove, Best in Show.

9.  If we were to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs would we see on your recently-played list?   
Anthony Hamilton, Kendrick Lamar, Joao Gilberto, Otis Redding, and Bill Evans.

10.  What is the worst or best costume you’ve ever worn? 
The best and worst was one I wore as the Bonze in Madama Butterfly.  I was painted red and wore a bald pate, so to get out of costume every nitght, I had to remove the pate (which rips out all the tiny hairs on the back of your neck) and scrub off the paint in the shower.  It took over an hour.  But it sure looked cool.

11.  Bonus:  One question you wish someone would ask you (and the answer):
Q:  Would you like an Altoid?
A:  The answer is always “yes.”

Don’t miss the chance to see Liam in Fidelio, Beethoven’s only opera!  Performances are November 21 and 23 at Overture Hall.  Tickets start at $18; visit for more information.

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