Ten Questions with Sidney Outlaw

Ten Questions with
Sidney Outlaw, baritone
Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet

1.  Where were you born / raised? 
I was born and raised in Brevard, North Carolina.

2.  If you weren’t a singer, what profession would you be in?
I’ve never thought about not making it as a singer.  It’s what I was born to do.  I will always be singing in some capacity.  But if I didn’t sing full time, I would definitely go into music education, arts administration, or artist management.

3.  The first opera I was ever in was…
Aida at Bob Jones University, November 11, 1998.  (Mrs. Shumate’s Concert Chorus class).

4.  My favorite opera is…
Le Nozze di Figaro.

5.  My favorite pre-show / post-show meal is…
Pre-show:  Pure Pharma protein shake.
Post-show:  Some sort of red meat and veggie.

6.  People would be surprised to know that
I practice Olympic weightlifting. 

7.  A few of my favorite books are
The Audacity of Hope (President Obama); Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (Dr. Joy DeGruy); The New Jim Crow (Michelle Alexander); Sula (Toni Morrison); I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Maya Angelou); Things Fall Apart (Chinua Achebe); For Your Consideration…. (Kathy Griffin).

8.  What do you like to binge-watch?
Criminal Minds, NCIS, NCIS-LA, Madame Secretary.

9.  What five people (living or deceased) would you like to invite for a dinner party?
President Obama, Jennifer Lewis, Roland Martin, Leontyne Price, Viola Davis.

10.  Everyone should see Romeo and Juliet because….
It is a timeless story and the singing in this particular production is fantastic, which will make you think of the good old days at the Met.

Bonus:  One question you wish someone would ask you (and the answer):
Q:  Would you like to make your debut as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet at the San Francisco Opera and/or the Metropolitan Opera (and here is the contract already drawn up with all the signatures on it)?

Don’t miss the chance to see Sidney in Romeo and Juliet, as Shakespeare’s classic work comes to ravishing operatic life.  Performances are November 4 and 6 in Overture Hall.  Tickets start at $18; visit for more information.

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