In the Park with Adriana Zabala

In the Park with…

Adriana Zabala
Mezzo-Soprano, Opera in the Park

1.  Where were you born / raised? 

I was born in Georgia and raised in Miami, Caracas, and Houston.

2.  What is in your ideal picnic basket?
Champagne, cheese, strawberries, and books. Of course, my honey is sharing it with me!

3.  My most memorable moment performing outside was…
It’s not a performance per se, but it was in a natural setting, and was unforgettable. It was when I was 15 years old, and Leonard Bernstein came to the large barn in the forest at Tanglewood where our chorus was rehearsing. He asked us to stand in a circle, close our eyes, and start Durufle’s Ubi Caritas together by just listening and breathing. We closed our eyes and somehow took a collective breath. On the downbeat it started to rain on the leaves and trees surrounding the open barn doors. We sang the whole piece with our eyes closed, listening to the rain, feeling the breeze. When we finished, with the rain still echoing, we all slowly opened our eyes, and Bernstein had tears in his eyes.

4.  My favorite outdoor performance I’ve attended was…
Kiri Te Kanawa singing Mozart arias with the London Symphony at Hampton Court in the summertime wasn’t a bad way to spend the evening many years ago. Also so many concerts at Tanglewood, like Rostropovich playing the Dvořák Cello Concerto and James Taylor on the 4th of July. Also Pavarotti in Spoleto.

5.  My favorite summertime activity is…
… outdoor concerts, onstage and off! Generally, going to the ocean, traveling, and performing with great friends and colleagues.

6.  My ideal vacation is….
… ocean, books, sun, storms, great food, friends, family, and (in cities) discovering art, architecture, and history.

7. Bonus: One question you wish someone would ask you (and the answer).
Q: Are you having as much fun on stage as you seem to be having?

Join Adriana for Opera in the Park on Saturday, July 22 at 8pm in Garner Park.  FREE admission; visit for more information.

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