In the Park with Gary Thor Wedow

Gary Thor Wedow


  1. Where were you born and raised?
    Laporte, Indiana – just down the road.
  2. What is in your ideal picnic basket?
    There is cold fried chicken, some sort of potato or maybe a pea salad, assorted pickles, and pie for dessert – strawberry rhubarb is a favorite.
  3. My most memorable moment performing outside was…
    Hard to say, as I’ve done it all from Fourth of July parades to operas. Making music outside brings it’s own special magic and adventures.
  4. My favorite outdoor performance I’ve attended was…
    Probably my first visit as an audience member to the Sante Fe Opera for a performance of La Grand Duchesse of Gerolstein, before I began working there. It was a terrific performance and a perfect night. I was a young kid from an Indiana farm and being in New Mexico was like being on Mars.
  5. My favorite summertime activity is…
    Gardening, anything outdoors and near or in the water.
  6. My ideal vacation is…
    Being at home in my garden.
    Bonus: one question you wish someone would ask you.
    Q: Why does everyone enjoy music and enjoy participating in music so much?
    A: Music is one of our most primal emotions and modes of expression, it’s the basis of language, it both records and shapes our desires and feelings, and it connects us with our inner neanderthal. The actual physical/psychological benefits of participating in music and concert-going are so great and well-documented that it’s amazing. It also brings us so much joy and pleasure!

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