Cosi fan Tutte: Click/Read/Watch/Listen

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CLICK HERE to download the PDF guide to Cosi fan Tutte and get going. Click/Read/Watch/Listen and explore the sounds and background of Mozart’s opera for yourself!

2 comments on “Cosi fan Tutte: Click/Read/Watch/Listen

Brian, this is tremendous! Scores too!

Do you know of any articles discussing Cosi’s ambiguous ending (who pairs off with whom, etc.)?

I’m not sure of any, though there were quite a few scholarly articles (via JSTOR and Google Scholar) on Cosi that I couldn’t get to because they required either payment or membership to download. Funny to think Fiordiligi/Guglielmo and Dorabella/Ferrando may not realign after all–would that make the piece more cynical or hysterical? I’m not sure!

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