The Flying Dutchman on State Street

It’s becoming a trend to present pop-up opera, whether in grocery stores, subway stations or street corners. The idea is to spring the beauty of opera on unsuspecting shoppers or passersby. Well, Madison Opera had just such a moment this past Saturday, except it wasn’t at all planned. During a chorus rehearsal at the Overture Center for the Arts, a fire alarm forced everyone to evacuate. Looking to make up for lost time, the Madison Opera Chorus along with our our Steurman Gregory Schmidt began rehearsing right on State Street, with chorus master Andrew Abrams leading the way. General Director Allan Naplan caught the results on his iPhone:

UPDATE:77 Square has an article on the State Street rehearsal, with better video too!

4 comments on “The Flying Dutchman on State Street

Brian! Did you forward this to any of the TV media??

Hi Liz,

Yup, I uploaded it to NBC15 and Channel3000. We'll see what they do with it!


I love it! What an unexpected treat!

I would love to have been there… The Madison Opera Chorus rocks!! Can't wait to see them on stage! Pete

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