Mack the Knife storms the press!

The Threepenny Opera has been generating lots of buzz in the local press. Here’s a round-up of previews, with insights from John DeMain, Dorothy Danner, Alicia Berneche, and Mackie himself, Jim DeVita.

Wisconsin Gazette, “Look out, old Mackie is back in town”

The Well-Tempered Ear, “Threepenny links great depression of today…”

The Examiner, “The Threepenny Opera: A fairy tale for our time?”

Madison Magazine, “A New Role”

77 Square, “APT actors star in dark, satirical Threepenny Opera”

The Isthmus, “The Threepenny Opera is a modern masterpiece about depravity”

A.V. Club Madison, “Despite it’s name, The Threepenny Opera isn’t an opera at all” 

Photos by Andy Manis. 

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