Sneak Peek: Threepenny Opera Edition

The final dress rehearsal for The Threepenny Opera was held last night in The Playhouse. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of this sold-out production, which opens tonight….

Beggars and the prostitute Jenny Diver (Tracy Michelle Arnold) during the Overture.

Mack the Knife’s gang: Walt Dreary (Bart Terrell), Bob the Saw (Paul Kennedy), Ready Money Matt (Alex Cotant), and Crookfinger Jake (Joseph Lullo).

The newly weds Macheath (James DeVita) and Polly Peachum (Alicia Berneche).

Mack and his girls: Molly (Meghan Randolph), Coaxer (Lisa Bozec Maletic), Betty (Kristen Hammargren), and Dolly (Leslie Cao), along with the women of the house, Marja Barger and Katya Kashaeva.

Jenny Diver sings of her twisted pirate fantasy.

The bell tolls for the notorious Mack the Knife.

All photos by Andy Manis.

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