Ten Questions with Douglas Swenson

Ten Questions with…

Douglas Swenson, tenor
Hortensius in The Daughter of the Regiment


1. My favorite thing about being a singer is:

The challenge. There is a lot going on: memorizing songs and lines, developing character, performing with an orchestra. It is exciting because it is very challenging. 

2. The greatest challenge in being a singer is: 

Relaxing into the role. Lots of people are watching and I get nervous.

3. A live music performance I’ve attended that I will never forget is: Caitlin Cisler singing Cunegonde from Candide. Those notes are so high it always made me smile when I heard her. You think – “How is that possible?” She nails it.

4. A few of my favorite films are: 
Billy Elliot. I think I cried for 5 straight hours after that movie. It gave me a headache. And Babe. I grew up on a farm. “That’ll do, pig”, and I’m a puddle.

5. Three things I can’t live without are: 
Love and family, gardening, and coffee.

6. My number one hobby is:
Dancing. Any kind or time of day. 

7. If you could perform with any singer, retired or deceased, who would it be?

Paul Simon (and Garfunkel).

8. If you weren’t a singer, what profession would you be in?
I’m a Project Manager at Sonic Foundry, so I guess that would be it!

9. What role do you wish you could sing that you could never sing because it’s the wrong voice type/gender?
Cinderella in Cinderella (La Cenerentola). Some serious vocal gymnastics in those arias. Gorgeous.

10. Describe your favorite moment on stage. 

My favorite moment on stage is in The Secret Garden when Archibald gets to say “And this, my lovely child, is your gaaahden!” You can imagine the sweeping arm gesture, tear on cheek, etc.

See Doug in Madison Opera’s production of Donizetti’s The Daughter of the Regiment (La Fille du R
égiment) February 7 & 9 in the Capitol Theater at Overture Center. Tickets start at just $25.

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Hey Doug! Great to read this! Break a leg on Friday night and again on Sunday. Your mom will be with you in spirit for sure!!! XOXO

Doug its Riley i hope you do good in your show 🙂

bye, Riley

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