Nine Questions with Kyle Knox

Nine Questions With…

Kyle Knox
Conductor, Little Women

1.  Where were you born / raised? 
Born in Somerville, New Jersey and raised in a nearby town called Raritan.

2.  If you weren’t a conductor, what profession would you be in?
If I weren’t a musician, I would have gone into movies or writing.

3.  The first opera I ever played in was…
When I was in Youth Orchestra, we performed Act I of Die WalküreI’ve come to love that music, but as a 17 year-old the experience was lost on me.

4.  My favorite opera is…
Britten’s Billy Budd.

5.  My favorite pre/post-show meal is…

6.  People would be surprised to know that…
I was last chair clarinet in my middle school band in 6th grade. 

7.  My favorite book to read growing up was…
Frank Herbert’s Dune.

8.  If we were to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists / songs would we see on you recently-played list?
Little Women – Houston Grand Opera / Summers.

9.  Everyone should see Little Women because….
In addition to Mark Adamo’s fantastic score, which I love, the story is full of interesting and highly-related characters, especially Jo.  In her view, she and her sisters are “perfect as they are,” so her story is about understanding and accepting the inevitability of change.  I find Jo’s struggle for permanence highly relatable. 

Don’t miss the chance to hear Kyle conduct Little Women, as this beloved American classic comes to vivid musical life!  Performances are February 5 and 7 in the Capitol Theater.  Tickets start at $25; visit for more information.

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