Mezzo Adriana Zabala plays Mary Johnson, Hawk’s assistant and best friend, who is the moral center of their world, clear-eyed about Hawk and Tim’s relationship, as well as the horrors that the purge of homosexuals from the government is inflicting on so many people.

In this video, Zabala reflects on how the score and libretto of Fellow Travelers highlight the complex relationships of the characters.

Adriana Zabala Finds Poignancy in the Music of Fellow Travelers

Washington D.C., 1953

Joseph McCarthy is claiming the government is full of communists and suspected homosexuals are being purged. Two men meet and fall in love. But times and humans are complicated and love cannot always find a way.

Don’t miss the Madison premiere of one of the most acclaimed operas of the 21st century. This weekend only.

Fellow Travelers Preview

Love. Deception. Betrayal. Fellow Travelers contains all the classic elements of opera, set very close to home. In this video, Madison Oprea’s General Director Kathryn Smith discusses our upcoming production of Fellow Travelers.

Love, Deception, and Betrayal

Benjamin Taylor

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