As part of our Digital Opera in the Park 2020, Weston Hurt performs Vision fugitive from Hérodiade by Massenet.

Hurt will return again to Madison Opera with a unique program as part of our Digital Fall.

Vision fugitive
Hérodiade (Massenet)
Weston Hurt, baritone
Bethany Self, piano

Weston Hurt performs Vision fugitive

Recently at Madison Opera as Timothy Laughlin in Fellow Travelers, Andres Acosta returns for Opera in the Park.

Here Acosta performs Asile héreditaire from William Tell as part of our 2020 Digital Opera in the Park.

Asile héreditaire
William Tell (Rossini)
Andres Acosta, tenor
Marika Yasuda, piano

Andres Acosta Performs Asile héreditaire

Washington D.C., 1953

Joseph McCarthy is claiming the government is full of communists and suspected homosexuals are being purged. Two men meet and fall in love. But times and humans are complicated and love cannot always find a way.

Don’t miss the Madison premiere of one of the most acclaimed operas of the 21st century. This weekend only.

Fellow Travelers Preview

Benjamin Taylor

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