Ten Questions with Meredith Arwady

Ten Questions With…

Meredith Arwady, contralto
Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd

1.  Where were you born / raised? 
Born in Saginaw, Michigan.  Raised in North Muskegon, Michigan, and then in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

2.  If you weren’t a singer, what profession would you be in?
English professor or personal shopper.

3.  My favorite opera is…
I usually feel very close to whichever operas I am currently studying or performing.

4.  My favorite pre/post-show meal is…
Pre:  protein.
Post:  with friends/family.

5.  People would be surprised to know that…
I can stand or sit cross-legged in deep water without treading water or even moving, and my head remains above water and I never sink.  It’s amazing!

6.  What is your favorite song to belt out at the bar / in the car / for karaoke?
“Maybe This Time” has been my shower song for decades.  Sometimes I replace “Maybe this time… I’ll win!” with “Maybe this time… I’ll be clean!”  Can be modified for many situations.

7.  What is your pop culture guilty pleasure?
Project Runway.  And I feel no guilt.

8.  A few of my favorite films are…
Pride and Prejudice (’95 miniseries), Anne of Green Gables / Anne of Avonlea.

9.  If we were to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs would we see on your recently-played list?   
Recently it was all Christmas music, all the time.  The same answer may also be given in August.  My love of Christmas music knows no season.  It just happens to be socially acceptable in December.

10.  What is the best or worst costume you’ve ever worn? 
An entire costume made entirely and solely out of thick, long, reddish hair down to the floor and nothing but boobs with fake nipples poking through.  I had to be brushed by two dressers before each performance.  This answers both the best and worst costume question.  Loved my time as Chewbaca!

11.  Bonus:  One question you wish someone would ask you (and the answer):
Q:  What excites you the most about this Sweeney Todd?
A:  I’m glad you asked!  That my sister Allison planned her timing to travel with the CDC to Liberia for her second month of Ebola work so she could be stateside in time to come see my first Mrs. Lovett!  Hurrah!

Don’t miss the chance to see Meredith in Sweeney Todd, a thrilling American masterpiece!  Performances are February 6, 7, and 8 in the Capitol Theater.  Tickets start at $25; visit for more information.

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