Meet the Artists – Robert Goderich

Robert Goderich

Beppe, Pagliacci


  1. Where were you born and raised?
    I was born in Miami, but mostly grew up in a small town in southwest Montana named Deer Lodge.
  2. If you weren’t a singer, what profession would you be in?
    Well, my current day job is with BMO Harris Bank.  If you had asked me when I was growing up, I would be a singing chef in my own restaurant.
  3. The first opera I was ever in was…
    The Tenderland with Madison Opera.
  4. My favorite opera is…
    Oh gosh, I love Dead Man Walking!  I love pieces that make you as an audience member decide how you are feeling.
  5. My favorite food to cook or eat is…
    I am more of a baker than a cook.  Because I have celiac, I love testing/trying new things to make them gluten-free.
  6. People would be surprised to know…
    I haven’t graduated from college yet and was told I probably shouldn’t pursue singing when I was younger.
  7. If I could travel anywhere, real or fantasy, I would travel to…
    I would love to go to the Arctic Circle  to experience the Northern Lights.  I saw them a lot growing up in Montana, but they that up there they are more incredible.
  8. I like to binge-watch…
    …basically anything food competition related:  Masterchef, Iron Chef, The Great British Baking Show, Zumo’s Desserts, Sugar Rush…  I can go on and on.  I love the ideas they give me!
  9. What four people (living or deceased) would you like to invite for a dinner party?
    My grandparents Bud and Nellie from my mother’s side, and my abuelos Juan and Elsa from my father’s side.  My maternal grandparents passed when I was 1 and 11 respectively, and my abuelos passed more recently in 2016 and 2010.  I want to sit and find out more about their lives growing up, how they met and fell in  love.
  10. Everyone should see Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci because….
    There’s juggling!  Well, and the music is amazing and will touch you.
  11. Bonus: One question you wish someone would ask you (and the answer)
    Did you know you could juggle?
    No, but thanks to Youtube we all can learn!

Find out more about Robert and our other Cav/Pag Artists. Don’t miss the chance to see Robert in Pagliacci. Performances are November 2 and November 4 in Overture Hall.  Tickets start at $18!




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