Meet the Artists – Lindsay Ammann

Lindsay Ammann


  1. Where were you born and raised?
    I was born in Tucson, Arizona. I was raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but spent every summer in Phoenix, Arizona.
  2. If you weren’t a singer, what profession would you be in?
    I’ve always wanted to be an archaeologist….  My husband and I agree that if we ever retire, we’re going to be archaeologists (or treasure hunters haha).
  3. The first opera I was ever in was…
    I think it was Madame Butterfly as Kate Pinkerton.
  4. My favorite opera is…
    Even though I can’t pick one favorite opera, I think the most perfect orchestral moment in all of opera is the finale of Götterdämmerung. Absolute perfection!
  5. My favorite food to cook or eat is…
    MEAT! We recently got an awesome smoker. We smoke everything!
  6. People would be surprised to know that…
    I’m a Juilliard reject and proud of it.
  7. If I could be in any fairy-tale, I would be in…
    The Little Mermaid was always my favorite. Looks like I’m destined to always be the Ursula…never the Ariel 🙁
  8. I like to binge-watch…
    True crime documentaries. Most Netflix shows. We just re-binged Game of Thrones before the Season 8 premiere came out.
  9. What four people (living or deceased) would you like to invite for a dinner party?
    Honestly, I have no clue!
  10. Everyone should see Rusalka because….
    It’s a story everyone knows and loves. The music is exquisite.

Find out more about Lindsay and our other artists, and don’t miss the chance to see her as Ježibaba in Rusalka. Performances are April 26 and 28 in Overture Hall.  Tickets start at $18!

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