And the #operaplot thickens…

I have now summarized all of Madison Opera’s 2009-2010 Season operas on Twitter for #operaplot 2010. We’ll have to wait and see what judge Jonas Kaufmann (left) thinks. Here they are for those who don’t tweet:

Carmen: Life’s a breeze / where you’re a tease. Except with Don Jose / who says no way. Monogamy or not? That’s pretty much the #operaplot.”

The Turn of the Screw: “She sees the dead/ but is it in her head? The kids are now mad/ it’s odd, she seems glad. Reality or a dream?/ Neither, it seems.”

The Flying Dutchman: A captain is cursed to sail, a girl obsesses over his tale/ Gold is exchanged, a marriage arranged/ Problems arise, girl dies.”

I’m not quite sure why, but rhyming in quasi-limerick form comes easiest for me, it’s definitely not a requirement! I’ve also just started tackling the 2010-11 Season.

La Traviata: “The fallen one/ is tons o’ fun. She ♥’s Alfredo/ against her credo. Loss ensues, she hits da booze/ in the end she dies of consumption.” *Note the creative use of “♥” and “da” to cut down on the character count.

Again, I encourage all of you to join Twitter and enter your submission to this year’s #operaplot contest – the prizes are huge! Browse what’s already been tweeted for inspiration.

It’s time for #operaplot 2010!

The Twitter contest known as #operaplot is back! #Operaplot was formed on Twitter last year by Canadian music blogger The Omniscient Mussel. The goal is to summarize an opera in 140 characters or less. Tag your summary on Twitter with #operaplot to be entered into an international competition, judged by none other than tenor superstar Jonas Kaufmann. Prizes this year are pretty incredible, with everything from an opera trip to Ireland to recordings of the complete Mozart operas up for grabs. Sign up for Twitter today to join the #operaplot fun..and while you’re there, follow @MadOpera! We just posted our first entry: “A captain is cursed to sail, a girl obsesses over his tale/ Gold is exchanged, a marriage arranged/ Problems arise, girl dies.” Sound familiar? Details on the contest can be found here:

Our new look

In case you haven’t noticed, Madison Opera is sporting a new look! After almost 25 years, we’ve decided to update our logo for the 50th anniversary season. Additionally, we’ve transformed our website into a much more user-friendly and attractive space. If you haven’t done so already, take a minute to explore. Perhaps the best new feature for our patrons is the option to order subscriptions online.

Back story

The icon of our new logo features a wave-like M inside a red O. The curves of the M are inspired by the ceiling in Overture Hall, our performance home, while the colors are retained from the logo’s previous incarnation. The new font is modern, elegant, and sleek, with a hint of Frank Lloyd Wright, who’s aesthetic (not to mention history) permeates Madison. 


Michael Martin Design created our new logo and designed our 2010-2011 season brochure. Makin’-Hey Communications developed our new website.

In the coming weeks and months, don’t be alarmed if our old logo still pops up now and then. This is a transitional time for us, as we conclude our 2009-10 season with Opera in the Park 2010 and begin promoting our exciting 50th anniversary season.

Reviews are in for The Flying Dutchman

It was a great weekend for Madison Opera. From audience responses to critical reaction to the stream of letters and e-mails we are receiving today, it seems we presented our first Wagner opera at exactly the right time, with a very special cast, chorus, and production crew. Here is some of what’s being said:

  • The Isthmus: “Congratulations are due for this milestone achievement by Madison Opera…”
  • Channel3000: “Madison Opera conquers ‘The Flying Dutchman’…”
  • Culturosity: “‘The Flying Dutchman’ successfully takes Madison Opera in yet another new direction…”

And if you weren’t there, here are some scenes from the Overture Center on opening night:

Dutchman preview round-up

The Flying Dutchman, Madison Opera’s Wagner debut, opens tonight at 8 p.m. in Overture Hall! Get your tickets here or at the door. Before you go, check out these previews from the Madison press:

  • 77 Square: “Flights of Fancy: Madison Opera brings Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman to Overture”
  • The Isthmus: “Ghost Ship: Madison Opera at last stages Wagner”
  • The Onion A.V. Club: “The Flying Dutchman isn’t the only one who’s obsessed”
  • The Well-Tempered Ear: “Classical Music Best Bets, April 7 – 13”